Do you love cross-country skiing? Then just imagine the following:

A high-altitude plateau 2,000 meters above sea-level, with deep snow, a unique natural landscape, a mystical aura, bathed in sparkling sunshine, affording long-range views of the wintery valleys of South Tyrol and the bizarre rock formations of the Dolomites, well-managed South Tyrolean alpine huts, and a network of cross-country trails allowing you to select individual routes – all topped off by secure snow conditions. That is the Jochgrimm: A paradise for cross-country skiers who yearn for the taste of freedom. Our well-groomed high-altitude cross-country trails have a length of 3, 5, and 8 km, and are connected with those of Aldein/Aldino, Petersberg/Monte S. Pietro, Deutschnofen/Nova Ponente, and the Lavazè cross-country skiing center to a complete network having a length of up to 80 km.

day ricket:
adults: 12,00€
teenager (2009-2013): 7,00€
children (2014+): 4,00€

afternoon ticket (starting from 1PM):
adult/teenagers: 7,00€
children (2014+): 4,00€

Contact Centro Fondo Lavaze:
+39 0462 230447

Our cross-country ski trails

Big ring Campiol | 4120m

Connection sports centre – Pfösl | 776m

Cross country skiing connection track

Cross country skiing track

Cross Country Skiing Track Kesselmoos | 5500m

Cross country skiing track Kösertal

Cross country skiing track Laab hut

Cross country skiing track Lupicino

Cross country skiing track Malga Neuhütt

Cross country skiing track Pfösl

Cross country trail Auer Leger Hut – Capanna Nouva Hut | 4865m

Cross country trail Lavazè Pass – Lieg hut | 9000m

Cross coutry skiing track Malga Schmiederalm

Cross-country trail Kesselmoos | 6800m

Cross-country trail Laab – Neuhütt | 3459m

Cross-country trail Lupicino/Wölfl | 14200m

Cross-country trail Pfösl | 4900m

Cross-country trail Pietralba – Neuhütt Hut | 6222m

Cross-country trail Pietralba – Schmieder hut | 2506m

Cross-country trail Schmieder hut – Köser valley | 2451m

Croyy country skiing track

Lavazè pass – Auer Leger hut | 11921m

Oclini Pass – Auer Leger hut | 1397m