Dolomites - UNESCO world heritage

Reinhold Messner: “The most beautiful mountains in the world!”

In 2009, the dolomites were officially declared a UNESCO World Nature Heritage Site on the basis of their special beauty and unique geology. Here, one can look back millions of years into the Earth’s history. But in reality, there’s no need to state any explicit reasons. Anyone who has stood among these gigantic and formidable mountains understands why. Even without words.

The mineral dolomite derives its name from the Dolomites. It’s what gives the mountains their typical, pale appearance. But just before sunset, you can witness a colorful natural light show. Spectacular yellows, orange hues, and shades of crimson light up the mountainsides as the sun’s dying rays glimmer on the horizon. A compelling natural drama that leaves visitors in awe.

The rugged cliffs and fantastic rock formations have given rise to many legends and myths over the centuries.