GEOPARC Bletterbach

The Canyon in South Tyrol and the dolomites

The Bletterbach Gorge is a canyon carved out of the western flank of the Weisshorn/Corno Bianco over the course of millennia. It has a length of about 8 km and a depth of up to 400 meters and belongs to the communities of Aldein/Aldino and Radein/Redagno. It features not only fascinating rock formations – like the wild “Butterloch,” rocky basin with a whirlpool – but also geological strata allowing you to trace Earth’s history back millions of years.

Along the footpath – which will take you through sections of the gorge – you can view folds in the alpine strata which visualize the formation of the Dolomites. Children can undertake an exciting hunt for fossils and petrified dinosaur footprints.

The modern GEOPARC visitors’ center in Aldein/Aldino at the entrance to the canyon provides a wealth of information and interesting facts presented in a fashion appropriate for families with children, too. This is also where the hiking paths, thematic trails, and an educational nature trail begin. Guided tours of the gorge, GEO excursions, and roundtrip tours on certain topics led by experts are also available.

The GEOMuseum in Radein/Redagno also provides lots of information about the Bletterbach Gorge.

Trodena line

Between the Weißhorn and the Schwarzhorn peaks there is a distinctive geological fault, the Trodena line. Alongside this line there happened to be a vertical dislocation with the consequent uplifting of about 1000 metres of the Schwarzhorn. Today the corresponding rocks of the Schwarzhorn peak are thus to be found far away from the Trodena line at the bottom of the Bletterbach gorge. The reason for this elevation was the folding of the Alps reaching its apex 30 millions of years ago. Through the erosion the mountains have been uncovered and the fault has therefore become visible.

Impressions of the GEOPARC Bletterbach

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