Running at Passo Oclini

High-altitude training for athletes and sportpeopler

High-altitude training – also known as high-altitude acclimatization – refers to both active physical exercise but also the purely passive acclimatization that occurs in the low-oxygen environment of the high-altitude mountains – i.e., at elevations of about 2,000 meters above sea-level. Thus, the air pressure up on the Jochgrimm is significantly lower than on the valley floor. The oxygen content of the air is thus also lower – yet the body’s oxygen requirements are the same. Consequently, at 2,000 meters above sea-level, the body must take countermeasures to compensate for the lower oxygen supply: The breathing frequency increases, the heart beat quickens, and the body boosts the production of red blood corpuscles.

So simply by coming to this higher altitude, in the magnificent natural paradise of the Eggen Valley and the alpine meadows of Aldein/Aldino, the oxygen absorption ability of the lungs and the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood is improved. The body’s metabolism is stimulated and thus more energy consumed. Athletes can thus improve their fitness and boost their physical and mental performance – and not just temporarily. Aging processes are also slowed, the body’s immune system is fortified, the burning of fat is improved, and it is easier to lose weight.

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